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MBE Brochure:
This is a Microsoft Word document containing our Brochure for Musical Bliss Entertainment, Inc. This document is a 3-section full-color brochure spanning 2 pages. It should be printed on both sides of a heavy stock paper for best performance and look.
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Music Planner:
The Musical Bliss Entertainment, Inc. Music Planner is a booklet to aid in selecting music to be played at your event. It should be downloaded and used by all clients once they have booked an event with us. This planner will identify for us, any specific songs you may want played at your event. It also allows us to obtain special music not currently in our inventory. We ask that you return the Music Planner to us as soon as possible so that we may prepare for your event. It is suggested that you get the planner back to us not later than two weeks prior to your event, however, the latest we can accept the planner with any certainty of availability of your song requests is not later than one week prior to the event date.

For your convenience, we offer four different electronic versions of this tool for downloading. This is the quicker alternative to waiting for the paper-back planner to be sent to you via parcel package shipping. Your four choices include 2 Microsoft Word Documents for printing, 1 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for PC Data Entry within a small file size, and a larger 10MB Microsoft Access Database with full data entry validation and songbook functionality. If you have Microsoft Office (or the standalone Microsoft Access package) installed on your computer, and a high-speed connection to the Internet, we HIGHLY recommend the database option, as it will be the quickest form of song selections.

Option 1: Microsoft Word Document (True Booklet Format)

This is the actual document we use when printing paper-back music planners for our customers. Only use this if you plan on printing out the music planner and mailing it back to us at our corporate headquarters! This document is arranged with two booklet pages per sheet of paper, per side of paper and is not in chronological order, but in duplex printing order. You must print out this document using Duplex Printing. If your printer does not offer automatic two-sided printing, you may print out the entire document, specifying only ODD PAGES. The flip the pages around and feed them back into your printer, and print the entire document again, using only EVEN PAGES. Take the stack of pages and fold them in half, stapling down the center crease, to create a true booklet. This is the most complex version of the music planner downloads. Do not use if you are uncomfortable with duplex printing, folding and stapling.
Red ArrfowDownload True Booklet Music Planner Now - Microsoft Word Document

Option 2: Microsoft Word Document (Full Page Format)
This is a larger version of our paper-back Music Planner booklet. All pages are ordered chronologically, and only one page per sheet. This is a 22-page document ready for straight printing and stapling. Use this version if you plan on printing out the booklet for handwriting the song selections. You can fax back the sheets to our fax number, or send the completed packet back via mailing to our corporate office. This is the easier of the paper-back Microsoft Word versions, but significantly large in number of printed pages. Do not print this document using duplex printing if you plan on faxing it back to us!
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Option 3: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (PC Data Entry Format)
This Excel Spreadsheet contains 10 pages and is a true electronic version of the music planner. You can use this spreadsheet to type in your song requests, or copy-and-paste them from our online database search engine from this website. Once completed, the spreadsheet should be e-mailed back to us at
This is a much easier process than printing a booklet and handwriting your song selections. However, you will need to be connected to the Internet and logged into our website in order to search for available songs, and copy-and-paste results into the Music Planner. If you are not comfortable with copy-and-paste from the online database to the offline spreadsheet, then you may want to download the Microsoft Access Database, even though it is substantially large in size.
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Musical Bliss Entertainment, Inc. Party Booking Contract:
This is a Microsoft Excel Spreadhseet containing our Professional Booking Contract. You can enter all the details about your party on the first page, and your contact information at the bottom of the second page. Then, print out the contract and sign the bottom of page two, and fax the completed contract back to us at 570-426-1116. Upon receipt, we will fill in the party package and pricing information and sign page 2. We will return a copy of page 2 for your records. THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD BE DOWNLOADED by all clients only after they have completed the initial booking consultation and have been given a quoted party package and price. You may download a copy of this document at any time if you just want to review our terms and conditions. However, this document does not guarantee availability of your event date until you have completed the initial consultation, AND until this contract has been signed by both you and an authorized agent of Musical Bliss Entertainment, AND until at least the initial booking deposit has been received and cleared in our bank account.
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Professional Singers' Demos:
As part of our service offering to our customers, we offer Live Professional Wedding/Formal Events Singers for any type of party. Below are shortened samples of their Demo Songs available for listening, so you can get an idea of their vocal styles. Full demo songs are available on our Demo Singers CD, available upon request only to clients who have booked with us.

Pro Singer - Darlene

Magenta Music NotesSAMPLE #1 - Upbeat Song

Magenta Music NotesSAMPLE #2 - Upbeat Song

Magenta Music NotesSAMPLE #3 - Ballad

Magenta Music NotesSAMPLE #4 - Ballad

Magenta Music NotesSAMPLE #5 - Ballad


Here you will find links to any videos we have created..

Musical Bliss Videos

Magenta Music NotesPresident's Introduction




When it comes to your wedding day, it's important to make the
right decision in entertainment.

Please read our comparison list of DJ Services versus Live Bands. If you still like the idea of live entertainment, get the best of both the DJ and Band world by booking us for your wedding with our add-on pianists and live professional singers

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We are confident you will be happier with our services than just a band itself.


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