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A Toast to You and Your Event From the Owners, Michael and Gaetano

Important Note About Our Business Name: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MESSAGE







“Providing the Finest in Mobile DJ & Karaoke Entertainment within NY, NJ and Northeastern PA”

Important Note About Our Business Name:

1/01/2013 - Important Note About Our Business Name:
We have decided after several years of operating as an incorporated business, that it is time to scale back and stop running as a corporation so that we can better meet the needs of our clients, and make the accounting easier on us. As a result, our business name has changed. How does this affect you? doesn't!

This business is still owned and operated by the same person since it was first established. You will still get the same great, friendly service. We have just decided to go back to the way we used to run the business, as a Sole Proprietorship. The only difference is that while we will still informally be known as Musical Bliss Entertainment for our established and new clientele, we have dropped the Inc. portion from our name, and as a formal matter of sole proprietorship status, we will be extending our formal business name to Sidaras-Tirrito's Musical Bliss Entertainment. This is the name that will appear on your contract. This is because we want to make it easier to convert the paperwork over, and avoid confusion with the PA Department of Revenue. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.



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